I had decided to do things that challenge my fear of heights.  So I’m going to an outdoor activity centre set in a forest, to ‘Go Ape’.   This involves walking along rope bridges, using a rope swing and travelling down zip wires.  But once I arrived at the place and saw what was involed, I changed my mind about doing this challenge.  In that it pushed my fear of heights too much.  And so I decided to take things more gently with overcoming my fear of heights. I was feeling guilty about having any kind of fear. So tried too hard to overcome my vertigo, by trying the ‘Go Ape’ thing. I have a fear of people, that some people seemingly got offended by me having this fear. But I do want to trust people. If people get upset, that I don’t show trust as fast as they seem to want me to do, I feel guilty at being frightened of people. But I do want to trust people. It just takes longer for me to do, than maybe wanted. But I’ve decided that there is no need for me to feel guilty. Since I do love humans. And so will take the time I need, to completely trust humans.