I tried the bike, that had it’s saddle raised, out today.  It went really well.  The saddle was at the right height, to make cycling possible in a comfortable way :-).  I remembered how to ride and stop it in a safe way, with the saddle at this height.  The person who had put the saddle at a lower height, had meant well.  He was trying to make it safe for stopping the bike.  But was too cautious and had just made thr bike mpossible to ride.  So there are times when, though a person means well, they can get the situation wrong.

When I got back from the bike ride, on that bike, I decided to try out the road bike.  I went on a very quiet road, staying close to the kerb.  So I was pushing myself along the road, resting my left  foot on the kerb, every so often.  And so cpasted down the road.  In this way, let myself get used to (in a gentle way) how the bike and handle bars are arranged.  It went well :-).