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I was told that I want approval.  And the person seemed to get offended when I disagreed with them.  I know myself better than anyone else does.  But it’s their problem if they don’t like being wrong about me. What I do want is to be believed in. And so seen as a person. And so have what I say taken seriously. And have a positive interest shown in me and my passions. To go back to the title, I decided to give myself a new start by taking more control over my life. In that, I’m focusing my social life on a face to face basis, rather than on an online basis. And I bought a bike tonight. It is a road bike. I spent over an hour in the store talking to the sales person about the bike. He knows a lot about bikes. This a sports store. I felt like a person :-). The bike is for the triathlon and a physical expression of my belief in myself :-).