I registered my entry to this triathlon, today.  The swim length is 400 m.  The bike is 13.2 Km.  The run is 3.1 Km.  So it seems all manageable.  Since my strongest thing is cycling, followed by swimming.  And then running.  I’m going swimming tomorrow, to see how far I can swim, at the moment.  I have a bike, which was new a year ago.  And I haven’t used at all.  Since the person who put it together for me, put the saddle too low (He meant well).  So I’ll look at raising the saddle, soon.  Probably after the half marathon, I’m doing next Sunday.  I watched the Outlaw triathlon, this morning.  Makes the one I’ve entered seem “a walk in the park” lol.  And one I’ll think about entering many years from now, if I ever dare to lol.