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I walked over 9 Km, in the park area round Brockenhurst.  I only meant to do 9 Km today, but I somehow took a wrong turn , when I was in the forest.  And managed to find the long way round back to Brockenhurst village.  And so added at least 3 Km onto the walk lol.  But I loved being in the forest.  And getting lost, just made it an adventure.  Being among the trees and ponies, I felt a stillness and connection with something bigger than me.  Nowadays I’m not religious.  I would describe myself as agnostic.   But being in the forest was my ‘church’ as it were.  In the sense of worshiping life, as it were.  When I got back into Brockenhurst, I passed a hotel.  So decided to treat myself to a meal and drink there.  By this time, I had missed the last bus.  So thought I would stay and a have a meal, before I caught the train back.  The meal was really nice.  So well worth the expense of it :-).


Below are pics of some cows and ponies, I passed on my walk.