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I was feeling a bit lost and not important, before I went to the show.  So I got there early afternoon, (it started at 8:30 am), I wasn’t going to stay long.  I watched the heavy horses and pony club.  Then wandered round the stalls.  In the process passed the ring where they had the show jumping.  I saw the horse and riders before they went into the ring.  It was lovely being that close to the horses :-).  I then decided to watch the falconry display.  They were beautiful birds, with a cheeky Harris hawk who flew where he wasn’t meant to and took a long time to finish his act, as it were :-).  By this time, I was getting hot and thirsty.  So I went to refreshment tent.  And had some strawberries and cream.  And also some spring water.   By this time it was around 4 pm.  The Show finished at 6:30 pm.  There were a few more horse related events happening, before the end of the show.  So I decided to stay for them.  I really enjoyed them :-).  I got the bus back to the station, virtually as the show ended :-).  The bus to the show was full of friendly people, who joked with driver, who joked with them :-).  By the time I got home, I was feeling more human and self confident :-).