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I completed the second and final piece of the registration, for taking part in this event.  So now it feels real :-).  I’ve booked a coach up to London, on the day, rather than the train.  Because the earliest train would get me there, too late.  This will mean a very early start.  But it will be worth it :-).  Once in London, I’m going by river boat to the race start :-).  As from Tuesday, I’m concentrating my training on the half marathon, so that I can run at least, most of it.  I’m doing this run, in support of the NSPCC.

The roads will be closed for 3.5 hours for the event.  Though we can carry on after the roads open, I aim to have completed the run within the time the roads are closed.  So I’m aiming to do the half marathon in 4 blocks of 5 km, at a speed of 5 km every 50 minutes.  At the mo, I’m doing 5 km in 72 minutes.